Photo Finish

When I talk to small businesses about their photographs on Social Media, I don’t always feel I get my point across.  I’m not asking for them to become a skilled photographer along with their job.  But I am asking they look at their photos as a prospective client, and how those photos can convert ‘prospective’ to ‘new’.

Case in point – check out this fibre artist.  Her products are stunning, which is the case for a lot of the small business I help out.  But check out her photos, her composition of the photo, the lighting, the lack of distracting backgrounds.  There is a style and a method to her photos.  This is not an isolated case, of course, but it’s the artist I’m currently freaking out about, and she’s doing an awesome job…not only with her product but with her marketing image as well.

I realize my job for the Small Business Owner is more along the processes with their documents, their organizing of their office space, or their brand and all the printed material coming out of their office.  But the more a SBO can do well, either hired our or by themselves, the more professional the perception is of their business.

So please, don’t do this with your product.


Figure out how to do this.  Or ask for help.



PS – I can help.