about Michelle

I really love working with Word.

The opportunity is there to create more efficient and effective documents, and free up your time to do, well… um… your job.

Currently the bulk of what I do is Styles & Formatting of Microsoft Word Templates, from scratch or from InDesign files provided by Design & Branding professionals. My repeat clients and I have found a balance between the fabulous design the branding firm has fleshed out and what is possible for the average End User of Word to implement. Typically I’m consulted prior to their client presentation to ensure the initial design is such that it will be used correctly by the client’s staff members.

Word is vastly different from InDesign. Where InDesign can create the most stunningly beautiful designs, Word is the document processing workhorse housing the content written by the staff whose job is not to be a Super User of Microsoft Office but rather to be a good Engineer, or Accountant, or Geologist. They want to input their information into the latest report template quickly and easily, with minimal training or direction. What I do is bridge the gap between design and use; between what looks good and what will work.

During my years of industry experience, I’ve taken on the more technical aspects of administration – restructuring documents to perform as auto-fill forms in Word for property inspectors and CO&Os for energy trusts; generating company specific branded styles for professionally formatted documents created by third party Branding Companies in InDesign; assisting small business start-ups get their feet on the ground and put their best foot forward. 

My clients enjoy my extensive knowledge base and quick project turn-arounds, repeatedly relying on me to deliver not just what they want, but what will get used.  I will work with them to determine what will work best for them, which is not always what they initially ask for.  There is a good bit of Sharpening the Saw prior to starting a project, so we’re sure to create a well thought out product they can confidently implement.

There is so much more that can be done than the average company takes advantage of.  You’re already pretty awesome at what you do; you’ve either already become an expert in your field or are well on your way to becoming one.  You didn’t go to school to become a Microsoft Certified Word Expert; I did.  If you think my skills be a good resource for your firm, contact me, and let’s get started.

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I love to keep learning

The proof is in the pudding – check out all the classes I’ve taken over the years!


Management Certificate  SAIT | Office Skills Certificate  SAIT | Microsoft Office Suite Certification » Expert Level Word | Microsoft Office Suite Certification » Specialist Level – Excel, PowerPoint | Level 3 Certificate Access


Adobe Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop  all levels | Microsoft Office Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, Visual Basic, Word  all levels | SharePoint Designer & Branding, Designer Workflows, Power User  2-day classes


Document, format, organize, and traing with Michelle, your technical admin and word expert consultant, consulting in Calgary and Nanaimo.

document & format 

  • branded templates
  • small business essentials
  • professional formatting
  • fillable forms

organize & train

  • home & office reorganization
  • records management database
  • project tracking, information assimilation
  • one-on-one Microsoft Office Suite

As you can see, I’m pretty awesome.  But don’t just take my word for it; check out my clients and what they have said about me!


Here’s a small sampling of some of the awesome clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with:

  •  APEX Geoscience Ltd.
  •  Be The Change
  •  Blue Coast Research
  •  BrandX
  •  Ei3 Audio Visual
  •  ElectriXwest
  •  Evolve Physiotherapy
  •  Flipside Creative Inc.
  •  Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd.
  •  Gateway Health
  •  Guardian Helicopters
  •  Mainland BC Military Family Resource Centre
  •  National Film Board of Canada
  •  Optis Consulting
  •  Prism Dance Connections
  •  Shared Value Solutions
  •  Shirley Phillips & Associates
  •  Thomas Henry Legal
  •  Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc.
  •  Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  •  Weidman Reliance Group Inc.

kind words for good deeds

Michelle is excellent to work with. Very quick turnaround times and great quality templates. She knows her stuff! | I. Griffin, Gas Liquids Engineering

Hi Michelle, that document you formatted for me for an RFP I was bidding on … I just wanted to let you know we won the contract. I am certain the document we submitted was a huge reason why we won. Because of your formatting skills with Microsoft Word, the document looked amazing and was easy to navigate. Thank you for all your help. | Sandy M.

Your genius shines through – that is why we pay you the big bucks. Thanks Michelle.  |  H. Weidman, WRGI

Hi Michelle, Thanks for being wonderful! We truly appreciate your help.  |  C. Hagerty

Thanks Michelle. You make it so much easier.  |  K. Weinheimer

My firm found Michelle a pleasure to work with and would not hesitate to work with her again. Her approach to assisting my Firm reflected a combination my Firm needs and does not often find including Michelle’s:

  • Technical competence ( Michelle’s not mine .. ), and an;
  • Excellent ability to listen well , then identify and provide … practical … solutions (improvements) to the problems and issues I brought her, and;
  • An ability to explain software solutions in a manner a non-technical person (my Firm) could relate to well

Finally , Michelle is just plain “good people” and pleasant to spend time with.  |  Mark Johnston, CA

Thank you so much, bless you, bless you, it looks great and I like how you wrote the wellness page.  |  MaryFrances

Photography was a great hobby of mine that I wanted to take to the next level. I had Photoshop Elements and no idea how to maneuver it whatsoever. Michelle easily assessed my level of understanding and made it a program that was easy for me to navigate. She made our sessions together great fun and I looked forward to learning from her.  |  N. Harkness

We have contracted Michelle a number of times and consistently found her to be professional, expert (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PPT), multi-skilled, timely, and good to work with.  |  Nicholas Tait, Social Sector Metrics Inc.

Michelle Kennedy is pure sunshine in a bottle! Her energy, passion and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to work with. I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle on several projects and her professionalism, organization and leadership skills always come shining through. I have recommended her services to many of my colleagues and I look forward to using her insight and creativity many more times in the future. Thank you Michelle!  |  Samantha DaSilva

I work in an environment where information is key and having it at your fingertips is crucial. Kennedy Ink was my answer. Michelle helped me get organized through the Records Management Database. She is knowledgeable in the flow of information and computer programs. She was able to effectively guide me in helping her develop our system. The process was well thought out. Personal training was provided as well as clear and concise manuals. Michelle was always available to field questions and make suggestions in the early days of implementation. I would not hesitate to recommend Kennedy Ink to others. She makes you think outside the box!  |  Susan Sevcenko – Regulatory & Surface Land Administrator – mgm Energy Corp

Michelle, You have no idea how happy I am. I just looked at the MD&A and I am thrilled. …..LOVE the Table of Contents. Thanks!  |  C. Reynolds, CCS

We consult with Michelle for digital production for word template development, custom templates created within the limitations of Microsoft Word, and she creates templates developed from design layouts and incorporates creative direction on developed templates. Super job, Michelle! Thanks!  |  Shirley Phillips

I worked with Kennedy Ink for little under a year, with Michelle’s role being one of Records Management development and administration, and general administration for the HSE department during the transitional phase from one group to another. I found Michelle to be very effective at meeting project time lines; she was always willing to take on extra project work, and was flexible with her time to suit our needs. In managing our projects Michelle was results driven and resourceful when finding solutions to a problem. Kennedy Ink’s knowledge and flexibility were well matched to our requirements and Michelle’s services were very cost effective. Although our initial transitional project has since been completed, I know I can always count on Michelle to help me out at any time in the future.  |  Anne L. HSE Manager – Canadian Operations Vermilion Energy Trust

MGM Energy is a small oil & gas exploration company with our office based in Calgary, Alberta. When looking for a solution to creating a records management database, there were not a lot of options tailored to our unique and small workplace. Michelle came highly recommended by one of our staff as someone who was organized, motivated and creative when it comes to taking on a special project like ours. It was not long before Michelle had developed a scope and structure for our RMD and began implementing the plan. Michelle is dedicated and hardworking and we are very pleased with the outcome of all of her hard work. We have really enjoyed working with her.  |  Nicole N. – Executive Assistant – mgm Energy Corp

I was a partner with Deloitte. Michelle was my executive assistant and it was a pleasure to have her on my team. Michelle is an innovative self-starter, who rarely needs supervision. She is punctual and voluntarily worked overtime  to meet deadlines. She handles pressure well, has a great work ethic, and  exceeds expectations. Her efficiency and ability to react quickly in changing  circumstances was a valuable asset to us all. The managers, seniors, staff on our team, and I relied heavily on Michelle. Michelle is an invaluable asset  to any organization.  |  Ian S. Partner, Tax -Deloitte

Michelle joined AXL on a contract basis, and after five months of contract work her excellent work and positive attitude lead to a full time position. She subsequently joined the Production Systems group to assist in the Production Department accounting administration. Michelle took over the job of  Production Systems Administrator shortly thereafter. Her strengths include excellent organizational skills, communication skills and work ethic. She was able to complete several difficult tasks through perseverance and a willingness to communicate the value of her work to others. Michelle is very intelligent, self-motivated and she added positively to my group’s morale. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle.  |  Darcy C. Coordinator, Production Systems Anderson Exploration