Document Assistance
There are times when your Branding is complete, you already have the Formatting & Styles decided upon, but you just don’t have the time to update the documents you need.  And you need it done yesterday.  That’s where I come in.  With a cape. CO&Os, MD&As, FSs, as well as a zillion other acronyms…I can update them all for you and assist with any formatting issues that may pop up.  If there are any documents you have with repetitive information, or information to be filled in while maintaining the integrity of the remainder of the document, guess what?  I can do that too.

Small Business Start-Ups
It’s tough enough to start up a new business, let alone trying to create all the documents required to get going – business cards, invoices, brochures, etc.  I work with you to narrow your focus to the essentials and create your key documents in a user-friendly format. To help you along, Start-Ups receive a deeply discounted rate for the first 10 hours, and a discounted rate for the next 10.  That should put you well on your way to being self-sufficient & super awesome!

This might sound super geeky, but I love documentation.  Any procedure manuals can be created (or brought back to life) with new formatting and screen shots to walk the reader through the pertinent information in a detailed and thorough manner. When I create semi-complicated documents like CO&Os for the PJVA (more acronyms, gotta love it) I also create a mini how-to manual for the End Users.  Because I’m awesome like that.