Styles & Formatting
The information within a document is important, but so is the way it’s presented.  Consistent formatting throughout your documents creates a good flow of information and helps to get your point across – faster.  I format your Word documents, large & small, to maintain consistency throughout and create well-presented documents.

Branded Design
Your brand designers have come up with a great new logo and template layout for your documents… but is it useable in the PC Office Suite you currently use?  I re-create InDesign files in Word to match all the Styles and spacing constraints laid out by the Designers, but with a keen eye on what will actually work for the average User and what will require a Super User (or a bit of training, by Yours Truly, of course).

Word Templates
If you have older templates that need to be updated or new ones you’d like created, I can help with the design and implementation, as well as making up fillable forms for automatic entry.  A corporate theme with Styles and Formatting, along with your Brand Approved colours can be rolled into every template for ease of use.