Born This Way
Sure, some people may be born with an innate sense of how to best sort and file receipts and books.  But organizing is not an inaccessible talent, known only to the few.  It’s a skill to be learned and relearned, as new ideas and new technology become available.  With the advent of computers came another level of organizing.  Now not only do your homes and offices and hardcopy files require organizing, but so do your electronic files.

The tough part is there is not one system for every situation.  How you work and how you think will determine your personal organizational strategy.  Some people work best with everything at their fingertips electronically, while others find it best to maintain their traditional paper day-timer.  As long as the time that used to be wasted (looking for phone numbers, files, books, articles etc.) is mitigated by a good organizational strategy, then the system is successful, even if it may be unconventional.

We’ll work together, up to our elbows right in the middle of your office or your home or your files, to discover the best ways to get you organize, and more importantly, to keep you organized.