Hello Nanaimo!

I’m so very excited to finally be back on Vancouver Island!  My folks packed up and moved to Alberta at the end of the 70s, so it’s taken a while but I’m finally home again.

While in Alberta, I did a lot of living and a lot of learning.  Not only did I marry a computer geek, I have become one as well.  I realize when I talk about the fun things you can do in Word or in Access other people look at me like I have three heads.  I get it.

But still, there is a part of me that wants everyone to join my team.  I want everyone to enjoy using Word and know how to best utilize it for their specific needs.  I want everyone to know what I mean when I say “dude, can you BCC me on those emails you send out so not everyone sees my email address and spams me”.  I want everyone to understand that Excel does a great job of being a spreadsheet program, but a sucky job of being a word processing program, so please stop.

Ah well.  I guess I’ll just keep beating my drum and converting people one by one, as I train a few of you in Office, assist a few of you with Word, and dazzle the rest of you with my wit and charm.
» Michelle

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